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Message from Chairperson

Shaliendra Kumar Chapagain

Increasing number of prospective students and the high demand of genuine counseling have prompted us to initiate an educational consultancy in the realm of Nepal. Having got profound experience in the related field, it could have been a cheating on genuine students in case we have not thought of becoming a part of Global academia because getting proper information and suggestion is one of the deserving aspects of the students. Therefore, the concept of studying and learning cropped up in our minds and after a long deliberate concentration we materialized our concept.

We hope our prospective students will not be lead astray and ultimately INTEGRAL EDUCATION CONSULTANCY PVT. LTD. would rejoice in the successes of the students.

Finally I do beseech all the prospective students and also the respected parents to visit us and feel the difference.

Shaliendra Kumar Chapagain

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