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Why Study in Thailand?

Thailand, the land of smiles, is one of the emerging study destinations for international students due to its location, tropical climate and interesting blend of ancient and modern cultures. Thailand is the 3rd most popular study destination in ASEAN. Thais are a very calm and peaceful group of people as the majority of people follow Buddhism. Also being a tourist destination in Asia, Thailand provides ample opportunity to learn about a different way of life.


Higher education in Thailand is provided by numerous vocational colleges and universities. The well developed private sector of education is significantly contributing to the overall education system. Nearly 1000% increment of international degree students is seen in Thailand compared to 1999. The number of Higher Education institutions has also significantly increased to 156, officially, compared to mere a handful of universities in the 1970s. Thailand has also permitted to run International Universities in Thailand so as to facilitate international students to earn an international degree from Thailand at a subsidized cost. About 50 Thai universities offer international programs and most of them use American college textbooks. Some international programs have a high percentage of foreign lecturers and about 50% foreign students in all their courses. Thai universities’ research output is still relatively low by international ranking comparison but the government is taking strong initiatives for the upgrades. Nevertheless, since 2001, Thai education has seen its greatest progress.


Compared to the cost of international courses in the USA, UK, Australia etc, the cost of completing a degree is just one-third in Thailand. Living cost is also remarkably low in Thailand than any other countries in Europe, North America or Australia.

People and Culture:

The majority of the Thai population comprises of Buddhists. Besides the Buddhists, large groups of Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians also dwell in Thailand. Buddhists in Thailand also worship some Hindu deities, and respect and revere the observer of other religions over the country; therefore, Thai people continue the tradition of religious tolerance. Hence, Thailand is an amalgamation of religions. Thai behaviors are well influenced by Buddhism – so they are calm and peace-loving. One can find people smiling everywhere – so the land of smiles. Thai people are highly patriotic and believe Thailand to be the best place on the earth to live in. Thai people have a great sense of hospitality making Thailand the most desired tourist destination.


Thailand has a tropical climate with variations like tropical savanna climate, tropical monsoon climate and tropical rainforest climate. Thailand is divided into three seasons; rainy (mid–May to mid-October), Winter (mid-October to mid-February) and Summer (mid-February to mid-May).


Considering the cost effect, people of Thailand and its educational endeavors, Thailand is emerging as one of the most preferred international student destinations.

What Our Students Say

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Amit Kumar Yadav

MAIR, Webster Thailand

“I would like to say that my experience with Integral Education Consultancy has been amazing and insightful thanks to their wonderful team. I am grateful to the entire team of Integral Education consultancy, who provided comprehensive information about the program structure, admission procedure and financial aid. Moreover, IEC hosts a team of very professional, knowledgeable and highly experienced advisors and I admire their passion as well as diligence towards their job. Furthermore, IEC guided me in the pursuit of my dreams to gain higher education from an esteemed institution overseas and the consultant was nothing but professional and well versed with the information catering to my academic needs. I was particularly impressed with the way they counseled me to pursue MAIR, which is a coveted program, from Webster University. I truly appreciate their efforts for guiding me in the right path to propel my academic career. I would strongly recommend Integral Education Consultancy to all the students aspiring for a higher education abroad.”