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Why Study in UK?

The higher education institutions throughout the UK carry through the tradition of quality, standard and excellence set forth by well known early universities. Therefore, higher education institutions in UK confer students with high-quality and world-class degrees. So, the Degrees from UK can be of great significance for exposure in the future. Taking account of time and cost, the degree programs in UK are of shorter duration compared to other countries, therefore, it takes less time to complete a degree and, consequently, reduce the cost.


Higher education in UK is conducted by Higher Education Institutions. A Higher Education Institution in UK is either a University or an institution governed by a higher education corporation or an institution designated eligible to receive support from the Higher Education Funding Council. There are many Higher Education Institutions, including more than 130 universities, in UK to cater to student needs. Higher education programs in UK are also provided in over 250 further education colleges. The programs of further education colleges are designed and approved directly by a higher education institution with degree awarding powers. The UK higher education institutions consistently performing well to represent second highest in number (after the USA) in the list of top-ranked institutions in annual publications like the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, QS World University Rankings, U.S. News & World Report, Washington Monthly, ARWU,  The Princeton Review etc.

Course Availability:

The number of courses (programs) offered in UK is very high, running into tens of thousands. Programs typically focus on a particular subject area but programs involving two or more specializations are also available. Normally, there is also a choice within each program. Although many institutions offer courses in a full range of subjects, some specialize in certain fields such as music, art, business etc.

People and Culture:

Being a political union of four countries with each country preserving distinct traditions, customs and symbolism; UK is known for its multicultural society. Besides the union of the four countries, UK culture has influences to and from its former colonies giving rise to a common culture; termed as Anglosphere nowadays. Each of the former colonies has contributed to forming its diverse demography. Nearly all religions and faiths are represented in the UK. Therefore, UK is described as a cultural superpower. With a racial, ethnic and religious mix up, the UK is very open to new culture and tradition – a great thing for students from other countries.


Most of the United Kingdom, generally, has cool temperatures with plentiful rainfall as most of its territory lies in a temperate climate geographically. Some parts, away from the coast, experience a subpolar oceanic climate. Higher elevations in Scotland experience a continental subarctic climate and the mountains have a tundra climate.


The renowned degrees from UK Institutions, the education system and program availability, its culture and climate have made UK one of the world’s leading destinations for international students.