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Photograph – Amit

Amit Kumar Yadav

MAIR, Webster Thailand

“I would like to say that my experience with Integral Education Consultancy has been amazing and insightful thanks to their wonderful team. I am grateful to the entire team of Integral Education consultancy, who provided comprehensive information about the program structure, admission procedure and financial aid. Moreover, IEC hosts a team of very professional, knowledgeable and highly experienced advisors and I admire their passion as well as diligence towards their job. Furthermore, IEC guided me in the pursuit of my dreams to gain higher education from an esteemed institution overseas and the consultant was nothing but professional and well versed with the information catering to my academic needs. I was particularly impressed with the way they counseled me to pursue MAIR, which is a coveted program, from Webster University. I truly appreciate their efforts for guiding me in the right path to propel my academic career. I would strongly recommend Integral Education Consultancy to all the students aspiring for a higher education abroad.”

Photograph – Sandesh

Sandesh Bhattarai

BIT - KENT Institute, Australia

It is apt to say the perseverance I found in this place is the reason for the success. Here, from IELTS test preparation to paperwork preparation, everything is immaculate. Not only that, but the fact that everyone here is friendly and helpful to fault. Time spent here were educational and helped me for personal growth.

I highly recommend this consultancy as I can proudly say that choosing this consultancy was the best decision I made.

Photograph – Rabin Parajuli

Rabin Parajuli


It has been a quite different experience with Integral Education Consultancy since it guided me when I was in the doldrums with my choices to achieve my academic goals. The consultancy has taken over my problem with full confidence and concern to find a solution. Due to the effort of all concerned, I am here in Denmark happily pursuing my higher studies to achieve my academic goals. Besides my appreciation, I recommend the consultancy and experience their service delivery.